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MilSim (or Military Simulations) are new for me, but I quickly got into them!  These are basically military tactical simulations designed to bring your paintball scenario games to a new level.

I started doing a lot of reading and searching on the internet and found some ideas, but didn't find any "game play" instructions.   So, I started to develop my own instructions, scnearios, player cue cards, etc. Some are ready to go and others are still "in development." 

Some MilSim teams, like RAP4, exclusively use non-hopper type paintball markers.  We use what we have and still have fun!

Play hard!

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These are some of the scenarios that we've played. All information can be found when you click the "MilSim Scenarios" link. All these scenarios include the scenario, mission, objectives, and player cue cards. Some of these are more involved then others with multiple objectives within the scenario for each team. Play hard!
Black Hawk Down
Operation: ChinaMart
Kill Osoma Bin Laden
Humanitarian Aid
Downed Pilot
Operation: Cold War
Hostage Rescue
North Korea WMD Launch
Stop ICBM Launch
Downed Pilot Rescue
NEW: Night Ops Games!
MilSim Scenarios
I'm continuing to develop more MilSim Scenarios games. Check back often for more scenarios! If you have any you'd like to share, please feel free to send them along.
MilSim Paintball Scenarios will take your paintball games to the next level. This is not your typical "capture the flag" paintball.

With realistic military tachtical scenarios pulled right from the headlines, you'll experience a new level of paintballing!

As you read the scenarios, you may recognize some of the situations becasue they are based on current headlines. Through these scenarios, you'll complete operations such as simulating a foreign enemy country threatening to launch a WMD, or rescuing a pilots from a downed Black Hawk helicopter, or stopping the sale of a nuclear weapon.
Click here for MilSim Scenarios

More MilSim Scenarios Coming!

MilSim scenarios will put you in the "military mindset." You'll experience realistic, but safe operations as you complete specific missions. However, if you're hit, you can brush off the paint and walk away. Keep in mind that the men and women of our Armed Forces put themselves in harms way everday for the freedoms that we enjoy. Please take a moment now to say THANK YOU to our military service men and women
Milsim Scenarios
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