No fees. No refs. Bring your own paint. All friends having fun enjoying the sport of paintball. The more the be sure to bring a friend to any of the games.
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Paintball @ Tony's
For parents who are letting your children come to play paintball or new players who have never palyed before, I wanted to first say you will be leaving with lasting memories!  This is a fun and exciting sport and every game that I organize seems to be getting better and better!

You might have a lot of questions and concerns, so let me take a quick minute to answer the top five common questions that I hear:

1. Will it hurt if I get hit?  It depends.  Most time, when the the paintball hits you, it splatters on the clothes and you can feel it, but it really doesn't hurt.  However, there are times that the paintball doesn't break or there's a close-distance hit, and it might leave a bruise.   You may leave with a few "battle wounds."

2. For the boys...Do I need a cup?  Probably not, but if you prefer one, feel free.  The paintballs will do damage if it hits your "boys."  I haven't seen anyone get hit in the jewels though, but it could happen.  Most of the time you're ducking and crouching, so you're more likely to get hit in the chest, back, or arm.

3. What should I wear?  Basically, if you wear camo or dark colored clothes, you'll be good to go!  Most of the guys wear "woodland camo."

4. What should I bring?  If you don't have your own gear, some guys have extra that they are willing to share.  Please respect it!  These guns cost a lot of money.
     - Bring your own lunch and drinks (beer is okay for the 21+), and a large bottle of water
     - Also, you should expect to bring about $12 to fill up the air tanks...friends are lending you their
        equipment, but you need to pay for the air fill ups.   Each fill costs $4 and you'll need to fill up about 3
        times during the day depending on how you play and the size of the tank.
     - $5 for pizza for dinner at 5:00
     - Case of paintballs

5. What kind of paintballs should I buy?  Paintballs are just like any other product...spend a little less and get a little less.  Cheap paintballs can "chop" (or break) in your gun and they might not be true spheres (causing the paintball to curve when shot).  Spend the extra five bucks and don't buy the WalMart paint.  A good case of 2,000 paintballs at Dick's, Sports Authority, or The Hub will cost about $30, depending if you can get a good sale.
There are so many different paintball guns on the market and they range in price from $50 - $500+! I've been asked, if I want to get one, what should I get? That really depends on a few things...How many times are you going to play? What's your price limit? Do you want to go all out or just get a recreational gun?

Most of the guys are playing with a Tippmann 98 Custom. This is an awesome paintball marker (a.k.a. gun) for the price. It can take a beating and still shoot like brand new. It's priced well and you can customize by adding lots of extras to the gun.

If you're going to get a Tippmann 98, I'd suggest to get one with the A.C.T. (or Anti-Chop Technology). The A.C.T. prevents balls from breaking in your gun. It's a beautiful thing!
What kind of paintball marker should I buy?

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Package Cost: Around $160
Includes: Marker, Hopper (holds the balls), 20 oz CO2 Air Tank, Squeegie & Maintenace Tools, Barrel Cover, Face Mask...Everything you need! Check out Great prices from many sellers! Some have no tax and free shipping!
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Great Entry Level Package!
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