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Safety Frist!

The rules are an important part of paintball.  I may sound like a hard ass, but safety is #1.  The rules are important for you, me, your fellow players, and on-lookers.  If you break my rules, I will ask you to leave my house!

Since we play in the woods behind my house, we aren't bound to certain rules that might apply to pro fields.  I'll go over all rules the day of each game, but for example, if you are hit on your paintball gun, you are not out and you can still play.  Conversly, a paintball doesn't have to splat in order for you to be out.  If you feel an impact anywhere on your body, you are out.  Click below to read all rules...

All Guns Chrono'd
Paintball @ Tony's
Safety First! All guns will be chrono'd before play. You cannot set your marker over 300 fps. Anyone caught adjusting during play will be sent home, never to play at my house again!  I chrono faster than pro fields, so our play is more intese already!
1.   Obey all Tony's rules!!!
2.   Face mask on at all times while in play
3.   Keep finger off trigger when not in play
4.   Put paintball gun on table when not in play
5.   Safety on and barrel cap on when not in play
6.   No cursing
7.   Respect other players
8.   If hit, move out of field of play into "safe zone"
9.   Respect a paintball gun as a "real gun"
10. Be honest...we don't play with refs
11. If you think you got hit, assume you did
12. Paint doesn't have to splat...any hit counts
13. No strikes within 10 feet
14. No smoke grenades that you have to light.
     (Cool burn, self-contained "canister-type" okay)
15. Facemask required...not just eye goggles
16. Markers set at 300 fbs or under
18. Have fun!

     Make sure you read the full list of rules.

Quick List of Rules...
Click here for Full List of Rules
I almost lost and eye last year when someone accidentally shot their paintball gun toward my face while in the safe zone. My facemask wasn't on because we were all in the safe zone. But, they didn't have the safety on, their finger was on the trigger, and they didn't have their plug in. Thank God their marker wasn't loaded when the gun went off! But it reminded me that we must always follow all rules!

If I appear to be a hard ass regarding rules, it's for your safety!
List of Rules
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