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I added Speedball (really, Hyperball) in the summer of 2010 and it was a huge success.  Everyone seems to love it becasue of the fast paced action and the quick play.

So, I decided that we could do more than just the standard games of elimination or capture the flag.  So, check out the different scenarios to Speedball I came up with.  Let me know which game peaks your interest and we can give it a try at our next game.

Paintball @ Tony's
My course is set up at 125' X 250'. I know this is large for a playing field, but I found the more we spread out, the better it is.

Regulation Size Playing Fields:
3-Man Team = 125 X 75
5-Man Team = 150' X 75'
7-Man Team = 180' X 100',
10-Man Team = 300' X 150'
So, you've seen the college speedball games on ESPN which are really cool. But, are you looking to mix it up a bit? Here's a bunch of variations on the standard speedball games.

Have fun and play safe! If you have other speedball or hyperball scenarios, drop me a line. I'd love to add them and try them out.
Click here for Hyperball Scenarios
Hyperball Scenarios
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