No fees. No refs. Bring your own paint. All friends having fun enjoying the sport of paintball. The more the be sure to bring a friend to any of the games.
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Why a Waiver?

Whether you are playing at a paintball park or at my house, you are required to sign a general Release of Liabilty Waiver. You're not only playing in the woods at my house, but we are crossing property boundries of my neighbors. They are nice enough to let strangers play paintball in the woods behind their homes (and mine) and we must thank them by signing a release waiver, indemnifying them (and me) of all and any harm that might occur as we play. Paintball is a physical sport and can be dangerous. Severe injury or death can occur if you don't follow the rules. Therefore, all players must sign a waiver.

If you don't don't play.
The "Fine Print..."
Paintball @ Tony's
Now for the "fine print..." There is no fine print! The waiver is clear and straight forward. The waiver is final and absolute. You are playing at my house. If you don't agree with the waiver, you can't play

Attention Parents!
Click here for Waiver
Everyone who plays at my house is required to sign a waiver. No exceptions. I hope you understand. Hey, you'd be signing a waiver if you're playing at a pro field anyway!
Parent or Guardian must sign for anyone under 18 years of age. Legally, they cannot sign for themself. If you leave before you sign, I'm sorry, but your child can't play.
No children under 10 years old are permitted to play. Paintball is an extremely physical sport and can be dangerous. I follow the same rules as pro fields.

To Young to Play?
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