No fees. No refs. Bring your own paint. All friends having fun enjoying the sport of paintball. The more the be sure to bring a friend to any of the games.
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Capture the flag...defend the fort...that's only the beginning.

I've searched and searched for a comprehensive list of woodsball scenarios, only to find the same games repeated over and over.  So, I took decided to steal what I could, tweak some, and create some of my own.  You'll also see that these include quick instructions and some scenarios have player cue cards.

Check out the different scenarios I came uip with.  Let me know which game peaks your interest and we can give it a try at our next game.  The end goal is always the same, have an awesome day with lasting memories!
Bug Spray...a Must!
This is Kristin...she rocks.  Bring your female friends. We have a lot of guys who come and play, but let's get some ladies who are adventureous and daring to come out and play!

Note: Pink camo not recommended!
Paintball @ Tony's
We play in the Spring, Summer, and Fall. (Sorry, no winter games). Wear your camo and boots and I'd highly recommend spraying down with bug spray. The woods have lots of other creepy crawlies. Spray your clothes and boots and check yourself at the end of the day for any tics!
Calling all "chicks!"
Click here for Woodsball Scenarios

Here's a list of 30 plus different woodsball games that I've collected, modified, and created. Use your imagination and woodsball games can be limitless. These aren't your typical 'capture the flag" scenarios. Also, I've added in some variations to mix it up a bit.

Have fun and play safe! If you have other woodsball scenarios, drop me a line. I'd love to add them and try them out.
Woodsball Scenarios
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